The top 5 tools every remote worker needs in 2022?

During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, working online is the most practical thing. Although now covid has subsided, the trend of working online has not stopped because of that.

When working remotely, we will face many difficulties in interacting with each other. Between employees or between employees to the manager… Is there a way to overcome the above problem?

In this article, Doczy will introduce you to 5 tools to support working remotely. Helping you no longer have difficulties in the process of working online!

  1. PDFPhotos

This is a cross-platform application including web and mobile.

 *On mobile, you can download the application:

 *On the website please

With this application, you can easily make reports with your boss in the most effective way. If you have difficulty communicating your ideas with other members, the application helps you do that too.

PDFPhotos offers you outstanding features:

  • Scan document: you can easily scan documents, and your ideas on paper and send them quickly.
  • Compress/reduce the file size: your file is too big to share. PDFPhotos will help you reduce file size to send reports or share easily with other members of your team.
  • PDF converter: Word, Excel, .. files, easily stolen and edited information. With this function, it will help you convert to PDF files with large capacity, high security, and difficult to edit files once sent.
  • Add your signature to the PDF file: When you work from home and your document needs to be signed. This application will help you to add your signature to documents online quickly and simply.


More features are waiting for you to experience.

And only with the above functions, does it makes it easy for you to process, store documents, report to your boss or share with your team in the process of working from home.

2. Trello

Trello is one of the simplest project management software out there. With a beautiful interface, easy to use. Trusted by many businesses.

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The software allows you to add members to do the work together. Here, the team leader is allowed to create custom columns and assign work, limiting the time to complete work for employees easily. 

Help you manage your work, and ensure work productivity. 

Link download:

3. Google Drive

This is a popular tool today, used to store documents online and share folders and files for everyone.

With up to 5 GB of free storage space, it’s easy to upload important documents for storage. In addition, Google Drive allows you to share documents quickly by sharing links.

Besides, it also provides you with the function of editing word files online.

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Link Download: Google Drive

4. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Zoom is an online meeting and learning platform that allows many people to be linked over a long distance. Provided that you must be connected to Wifi and have at least one mobile device to use it. 

Download Zoom here for free:

5. Skype


An application that allows users to make calls and text messages around the world using a computer or phone.

Skype can share a variety of content via messages, and many incentives when making international calls. In addition, supports call scheduling and allows calling at the same time 24 people. Make the teamwork process easy and fast.

Link Download:

Above are the sharing of the top 5 software to help you work remotely most effectively.

Doczy hopes the article helps you choose the right software to manage and complete your work most efficiently!

Good luck!