How to scan and convert to text with OCR on iPhone?

Using a smartphone to save scanned text as pdf and detect text from images, it sounds incredible!! But those are very useful features and can happen in the very love cricket that people hold in their hands 24/7.

You just need to take a picture of anything, such as receipts, forms, or a few pages of a book. Then convert it to text formats like word, excel, or .txt. If you don’t yet know how to use them on your smartphone it’s time for you to make it. For more details how to use your iphone to scan and convert images or pdfs to text using OCR.

 Follow the steps below:

– capture, save and recognize text from scans using PDFPhotos- Picture to PDF’s mobile app on IOS.

 * On mobile, you can download the application  :

On website please visit:

Step 1 : Download the link.

Step 2 : Select icon Scan in top of PhotoPDF tab.


Step 3 : Scan documents and take the photos.

Step 4 : Choose  page4image1460464 to edit image.

Step 5 : Choose SAVE to save files.


The way to scan documents with the phone is not to take up too much sapacity in the machine, compact, and fast so there is no reason why we should not download it immediately to use it right. If you are having difficulties or wondering what, please comment below for Doczy to answer and support.

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