How to scan a document on iOS

Today’s smartphone can bring many great features to the user. They don’t need to spend hours of time copying each word, each document to a computer/phone by typing manually.

Nowadays, there is already a feature that helps you scan documents quickly without everyone knowing. If you are using an iPhone, don’t ignore this convenient feature. This article will introduce you to beneficial software that can help you implement this feature as quickly and simply as possible – PDF photos.

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PDF Photos : Free PDF Scan – Scan documents, papers quickly.

PDF Photos turns your SmartPhone into a multipurpose scanner for documents, receipts, notes, other paper documents in just a few small operations. With PDF photos, you can quickly scan your documents, then print and save files as multiple PDF or JPEG files.

In addition, you can save that PDF file in your own phone without having to move and manipulate the complexity to other storage functions.

Advantages of the application: 

  • Quick documents, papers, invoices, notes, whiteboards … Just use the camera on your phone. 
  • Provide a variety of scanning photo editing tools to make the document content more visible. 
  • Convert the text content on the scanned document and save as published text as an image file or PDF for easy printing and storage. 
  • Easily share scanned files to email, Bluetooth, and other online storage services.

* On mobile, you can download the application: 

On website please visit:

So how do I use this feature? 

Step 1: You download the blanket section at the link:

Step 2 : Select icon Scan in top of PhotoPDF tab.


Step 3 : Scan documents and take the photos.

Step 4 : Choose  page4image1460464 to edit image.

Step 5 : Choose SAVE to save files.


The way to scan documents with the phone is not to take up too much storage in the machine, compact and fast so there is no reason why we should not download it immediately to use it, right? 

If you are having difficulties or wondering what, please comment below for Doczy to answer and support.