How to save a PDF file as an image?

Your computer does not have software to read PDF files, you must download or copy the file to read it.

Therefore, you need to convert the PDF files to an image format (called JPG) to read them easily.

That’s why we are here to show you how to convert PDF to image only.


We’re here, showing you how to convert PDFs into images in the simplest way.

 * On mobile, you can download the application:

    On the website please visit:

How to convert PDF files to JPG online:

We would like to introduce you to converting PDFs into free images, easy to use. It’s PDFPhotos software.

Link download:

Read next to see the process used as that you can be!

PDF to JPG for Desktop

Step 1:At the main interface select PDF To JPG

Step 2: Drag the file to convert

Step 3: Wait a few seconds… And select Download

PDF to JPG for iOS and Android:

Step 1: Download the app here:

At the main interface select DropBox

Step 2: Sign in to your Email account

Step 3: Select the file to convert

Step 4: Select Download. Wait a few seconds…

With high image quality, no blurring when converting. PDFPhotos has helped you convert PDFs into images in the most optimal way.

I hope that the above article will help convert PDFs into images easily.

Thank you for visiting our article. I wish you all success!