How to rotate PDFs on your mobile?

A PDF file is a popular text file format from Adobe Systems. This is the default file type that cannot be edited, once downloaded to the machine.

So, what to do if a downloaded PDF file is reversed?

And we’re here to help you solve this problem!

PDF files were easy to use and were good archives. However, there will be times when the file has an error such as reversed (left or right rotation),…

How do you fix the page error quickly?

Here is free software, to help you easily rotate PDF pages in the right direction. The software is called PDFPhotos.

( On mobile, you can download the application:

 On the website please visit:

Supported Rotate helps you rotate pages pdf with just a few operations.

How do you do it?

Step 1: Download the software here:

At the main interface click Rotate PDF.

Step 2: Drag the file to convert.

Wait a few seconds…

Step 3: Select the marks under the photo, or choose to Rotate all left or Rotate all right in the same direction.

So, we have easily rotated pages of PDF files quickly using PDFPhotos software. 

We hope that the information above will help you!

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