How to extract pages from a PDF?

You only need a few pages from the PDF file. So how do you extract PDF pages?

Doczy introduces a PDF file separation tool of PDFPhotos, which provides options to extract pages and save new files easily. 

The tool is completely free, no registration is required, easy to use.

*On mobile, you can download the application:

 *On the website please visit:

💡 Example: You have a 5-page PDF, but you only need pages 1 and 4. This function will help you select and extract a new file.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Link download:

At the main interface click Select Split PDF

Step 2: Select the file to edit

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is qzowp3TV1kwg2nFP2w7AAp7xlLkeCeV99AsHkcxaFy9l32PvVVg7tF_KK0GITfxNWrYocuATkagASoaE_u-lnR7VihnB8ZDd_D1-mTEUePrKe2F16n1455J73VaTlKNqx8ie5Ebg

Step 3: At Custom ranges, select to separate the file

* At Fixed ranges

Select Split with fixed range or Slip into to format files

  • After editing, select Preview

Step 4: Check if there are enough files needed · 

  • If the page is redundant, select Edit to delete the page.
  • If you are clear enough, choose Split to export the file.

Step 5: Enter a name for your new file

After a few steps above, you can easily extract your PDF file.

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