How to convert Word / excel to PDF ?

Sharing an edit ( word , excel ) with someone else is not the best way because the recipient can edit the editor file . So usually you have to convert editor files to pdf to facilitate sharing.

Converting Word /Excel files to PDF on the computer is something everyone knows and can do , but how to switch on the phone is a problem that confuses many people because they do not know how to do it. Therefore, not only using those features on the computer, but also we can still easily manipulate love crickets. How to convert Word to PDF files on your phone is also popular with many peoples

Cách chuyển file Word sang PDF trên điện thoại

To do these features on iOS devices, you need a tool called PDF PhotosPicture to PDF. This app is available on the App Store so you can easily download it.

PDFPhotos app allows you to create PDF files from many different formats including Word, excel, photo, …..From files uploaded to software, the software will help you convert to high-quality PDF format quickly while keeping the original file quality intact.

* On mobile, you can download the application  : 

On website please visit:

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How to use the application ? 

Step 1: You download the app at the address:

Step 2  : In My File tab , in the file, touch and then select convert to word/excel. You can also do it in the tab Home => choose convert to word/ excel.

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Step 3 : Select the file that you want to convert => next.

=>  wait for a few seconds

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Step 4 : open the file , that’s all.

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When you are done all above steps, you can go My File tab to get the result file

Here’s how to convert Word to PDF files on your phone. Hopefully with this trick, experiencing office file formats with your beloved crickets will be easier.