How to convert JPG to PDF?

Currently, at work, users often have the need to convert files to PDF format (especially image files) to make the format beautiful, easy to share, highly secure, but with a lower capacity than other file formats. change . Along with this article, I will introduce you to free, fast, and best converting image files to pdf to reduce and compress the size of images while still maintaining quality.

Although JPG is the most popular image format , you can also convert other image types , including gif , bng , tiff , or freely convert images to pdf with smallpdf.

  • Benefits of converting jpg to pdf
  • Helps reduce image file size without affecting quality.
  • Share quickly and easily.
  • Support linking multiple images in a single pdf file.
  • Using PDFPhotos software is an application that allows users to process pdf easily and quickly. 

This online software has full features such as compressing, cropping, converting files to pdf and reverse .

On mobile, you can download the application  :

On website please visit:

How to use the application?

  • Step 1: Go to this website
  • Step 2: On the home screen, select Convert PDF, select PDF to JPG .
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  • Step 3: Drop the file you need to convert, then click Convert.
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  • Step 4: Wait for a moment, after successfully converting, select download that opens the downloaded file in your own device.
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