How to compress PDF on mobile?

PDF is a known text format that is being used by many people. It is like other text files such as word, excel … It’s possible, text or images. 

Therefore, depending on the amount of text and images, pdf files can be up to tens or hundreds of MB.

So, if you have a heavy PDF file, it’s very difficult to share via email or social media. The only way is to reduce the PDF file size.

How do you do it?

Normally, you will reduce the size of PDF files with applications like Foxit Reader, and PDF Squeezer, … but it is very difficult to do on mobile phones.

Therefore, I recommend PDF compression software with outstanding features. 

Can use Web or mobile phone.

That app is: PDFPhotos

* On mobile, you can download the application:

*On the website please visit:

Outstanding features of the software: 

+ Compress PDF files with fast speed. 

+ Simple operation 

+ Keep the contents of the PDF file intact after compression

How to use the application?

Step 1: Select the icon Compress in Tab Home and select file.

Step2: Add files to compressed

Step3: Choose your preferred compression level

Wait for a few seconds……

Step 4: Done! You can View or Share Your compressed PDF immediately.

With high security, images and text do not break when zoomed in. PDF is a widely used file with good storage capacity. 

However,  PDF files can be quite large, make difficult to share or upload.

After extremely simple steps when using PDFPhotos


you can already reduce the file size optimally for use!

I hope this article will help you reduce PDF file size simply and quickly.

Thank you for following my posts and see you in the following blogs!