How to add emoji / shape to PDF file in mobile ?

A Word / PDF page will become more diverse, easier to visualize and richer when there are more icons and icons to describe the content on the page.

Inserting characters and symbols in Word is probably not too strange for users, because they can manipulate it right in Word. But for a PDF file, how can it be done, but doing it right on the phone will be even more difficult because you need to ask for the help of a specialized software.

That’s why you should follow the article below to know how to insert icons and icons into PDF files right on your phone in a simple and fast way so that you can design yourself beautiful covers or images. The text page is eye-catching.

This article will introduce you to the PDFPhotos app – a dedicated app that can do all of the above.

On mobile, you can download the application  :

On website please visit:

To use the tool effectively, you need to follow these extremely simple steps:

Step 1: You download the app at the address:

Step 2 : In My Files tab , select any pdf file you want to edit.

Graphical user interface, application

Description automatically generated

Step 3 : Please follow the sequence below to adjust to your liking.

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