How to add a password to a PDF?

Nowadays, the use of PDF files to store data is becoming increasingly popular.

Due to the convenience of the information transmission. Therefore, PDF files are easy to leak and steal. 

To prevent this, let’s learn how to add a password to a PDF file.

Are you struggling to find a way, to create a password for your PDF file?

And you don’t know which way to choose the best and the best, right?

This article will show you how to set a password for a PDF file.

Currently, there are many ways to add security codes to PDF files, but the software that we introduce below is a popular application.

It has outstanding features and very good security.

Its software: PDFphotos

  * On the mobile, you can download the application:

    On the website please visit:

How to use the blanket?

Step 1: You download the blanket at the address:

At the main interface select My Files.

Select the file that needs to add a password.

Step 2: Choose the Set Password icon.

Step 3: Set a password.

Enter a new password and confirm it. 

Press create a password to set it.

With simple, easy-to-use operations. PDFPhotos software has helped you quickly create a password for your file.

Through the article, we would like to give you ways to protect your documents.

Thank you for following our article, see you in the following articles!