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The top 5 tools every remote worker needs in 2022?

During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, working online is the most practical thing. Although now covid has subsided, the trend of working online has not stopped because of that. When working remotely, we will […]

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How to convert open office to PDF?

PDF is a widely used document format in the world. High security, save space. Therefore, documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all converted to PDFs for easy storage. How to convert Office […]

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How to remove passwords in PDF files?

Set a PDF password to best protect the files of your data. However, you want to send relatives and friends, so you want to remove the password. What to do? Follow this article to find […]

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How to organize PDF pages

We all know that PDF documents cannot be edited once downloaded. So what to do if the PDF file is in reverse order or has redundant pages? Is there a way to edit the pages […]

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How to add text / add code / write on PDF file in mobile & fill in a PDF form on moblie ?

PDF files must have long been familiar to us, especially office workers. This is the type of document that completely fixes the problem of font errors, keeping the formatting as when it was originally drafted. […]

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How to add emoji / shape to PDF file in mobile ?

A Word / PDF page will become more diverse, easier to visualize and richer when there are more icons and icons to describe the content on the page. Inserting characters and symbols in Word is […]

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How to add a signature to a PDF file on mobile ?

Currently , the insertion of signatures into document files is gradually becoming popular . It is considered a form of personal marking, marking copyright data. Most people are used to signing paper documents with a […]

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How to convert PDF to Word for free?

Converting PDF files to word files is the easiest way to edit, without having to buy expensive PDF editing software. With this conversion, you can make edits anywhere, on any device. If you are looking […]

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How to edit file PDF online ?

For office workers or students, students…. Surely many times you receive documents as pdf files.  Not only reading, sometimes you also need to edit, create, and format these files. In addition to PDF file editing […]

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How to convert PDF to EPUB ?

If you see a very good book in PDF format . You want to convert to epub format to make it easier to read on your phone. However, the software you are using to convert […]

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How to convert JPG to PDF?

Currently, at work, users often have the need to convert files to PDF format (especially image files) to make the format beautiful, easy to share, highly secure, but with a lower capacity than other file […]

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How to extract pages from a PDF?

You only need a few pages from the PDF file. So how do you extract PDF pages? Doczy introduces a PDF file separation tool of PDFPhotos, which provides options to extract pages and save new […]

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How to split PDF files?

Do you find it difficult to use only a few pages in a PDF file but do not know how to split them into a separate PDF file? Don’t worry, I will introduce to you […]

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How to merge PDF files?

Merge PDF files / merge PDF files is a tool that makes it easier for writers to track and store than to split. There are many ways to merge multiple PDF files into one file, […]

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How to send a large file on WhatsApp / Email?

The WhatsApp app is widespread and widely used in the world.  It is easy to use, and in addition to the calling feature, sending messages can also share advanced files. However, it is limited in […]

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Convert PDF to JPG?

Why convert from PDF to JPG? PDF files are specialized, but to read them you have to download the file. Meanwhile, the image file is read in parallel with the download. MS Office applications like […]

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How to compress PDF on mobile?

PDF is a known text format that is being used by many people. It is like other text files such as word, excel … It’s possible, text or images.  Therefore, depending on the amount of […]

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How to remove pages from a PDF file?

Your PDF has less than one or more pages that you don’t use, but you want to delete it, right? PDF is a read format file and is not as easy to edit as Word […]

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How to rotate PDFs on your mobile?

A PDF file is a popular text file format from Adobe Systems. This is the default file type that cannot be edited, once downloaded to the machine. So, what to do if a downloaded PDF […]

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How to save a PDF file as an image?

Your computer does not have software to read PDF files, you must download or copy the file to read it. Therefore, you need to convert the PDF files to an image format (called JPG) to […]

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How to convert PDF to Word for free ?

Currently, there is a lot of demand for PDF to Word conversion but the results achieved are not as desired because some software changes the file format as well as the original structure.  In addition, […]

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How to scan and convert to text with OCR on iPhone?

Using a smartphone to save scanned text as pdf and detect text from images, it sounds incredible!! But those are very useful features and can happen in the very love cricket that people hold in […]

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How to compress a large PDF file ?

PDF must be a very popular format tool used on laptops today. However, many PDF files with a fairly high capacity will make it difficult to edit, download, even share and hand over data. Let […]

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How to add page numbers to PDF ?

PDF has a huge inconvenience that there is no editing option, so many users have quite a lot of difficulty in changing the content, such as inserting more images or even numbering PDF pages. With […]

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How to scan a document on iOS

Today’s smartphone can bring many great features to the user. They don’t need to spend hours of time copying each word, each document to a computer/phone by typing manually. Nowadays, there is already a feature […]

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How to add a password to a PDF?

Nowadays, the use of PDF files to store data is becoming increasingly popular. Due to the convenience of the information transmission. Therefore, PDF files are easy to leak and steal.  To prevent this, let’s learn […]

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How to convert Word / excel to PDF ?

Sharing an edit ( word , excel ) with someone else is not the best way because the recipient can edit the editor file . So usually you have to convert editor files to pdf […]

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Top 5 Best PDF Apps For iPhone & iPad

Create, View and Edit PDFs In 2021 Our picks for some great PDF readers for your iPhone and iPad. Portable Document Format or PDF, is one of the most widely used file formats today. A […]

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6 Applications are useful assistants of offices 2021

The following article will introduce applications to help you handle office tasks quickly right on your phone. Subscribe for details! In the office daily, there will be many times when you want to find applications to help […]

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3 most popular ways to convert PDF files to Word, in 2021‎

Why do you need to convert PDF files to Word? As you probably already know, a Portable Document Format is an ideal way to share documents. The downside of these PDF documents, however, is that they […]

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Instructions on how to merge 2 or more PDF files into 1 file right on your phone.

Oh no, I didn’t mean this …. What do you think about this image? I mean, I will guide you to merge multiple PDF files like this! And right now, prepare me for the files […]

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How to insert signature in PDF, JPEG files

How to insert signature in PDF, JPEG files – 5 seconds How do I paste a signature into a PDF?How do I create an electronic signature for a JPEG?How do you add a signature to […]

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Top 5 best PDF toolkits of 2021

PDF is a text file format similar to the Word format offered by Adobe. To open and read PDF files in this format, we need separate PDF readers to support them. And right now, we […]

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TOP 5 applications to convert images into text, PDF fast, standard for iOS

This article will show you the 5 best-scanned document scanning apps on your phone. The advantages of 5 applications that you can consult and choose your own scanning application. Simple scanner – Photo to PDF […]

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How to Convert Photos to PDF

    In the daily work process, especially for office workers and those who work a lot on contracts and documents, there must be many times when you want to send a certain file to […]

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How to convert PDF to Word on mobile

In daily work life, many times you must be very confused when there is a PDF document that needs to be edited, but cannot do it … of course, a PDF file does not allow […]

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How to Split or Extract a PDF File

Separate PDF pages quickly and easily on iPhone or iPad. First you have to download a powerful PDF Application for iPhone/iPad WHAT YOU’LL NEED: PDF All- Free Download PDF ALL APP Once we have the application, […]


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