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PDF App Version 1.0.0

Our website provides features which help you convert, edit or  save PDF files or other files to the cloud. Below are our features: I. Convert Tool 1. Convert PDF To Word This brings you the […]

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The top 5 tools every remote worker needs in 2022?

During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, working online is the most practical thing. Although now covid has subsided, the trend of working online has not stopped because of that. When working remotely, we will […]

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How to convert open office to PDF?

PDF is a widely used document format in the world. High security, save space. Therefore, documents such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are all converted to PDFs for easy storage. How to convert Office […]

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How to remove passwords in PDF files?

Set a PDF password to best protect the files of your data. However, you want to send relatives and friends, so you want to remove the password. What to do? Follow this article to find […]

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How to organize PDF pages

We all know that PDF documents cannot be edited once downloaded. So what to do if the PDF file is in reverse order or has redundant pages? Is there a way to edit the pages […]

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How to add text / add code / write on PDF file in mobile & fill in a PDF form on moblie ?

PDF files must have long been familiar to us, especially office workers. This is the type of document that completely fixes the problem of font errors, keeping the formatting as when it was originally drafted. […]